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Houses in Fiadanana

The pictures on this web page will give a visual insight into the village of Fiadanana. They are minimally commented.

There are almost 100 houses in Fiadanana. Some of them are made of locally made bricks, some of a lattice of bamboo or twigs that is plastered with mud. All of them have thatched roofs covered with local grass.All houses are built by the villagers with locally available materials.

To see pictures from October 2007 of how the village has changed since 2005 please click here.

Houses of Fiadanana 1Houses of Fiadanana 2
Houses of Fiadanana 3Houses of Fiadnanan

Some houses have a second floor. Traditionally the ground floor is used as a storage space and the family lives on the second floor that has one or two rooms.

One story House of Fiadanana 5

Houses of Fiadanana Houses of Fiadanana

Houses of Fiadanana 6Houses of Fiadnanan 7

Construction of Houses of FiadananaHouse being built in Fiadanana

A secure space for the pigs (left) and an ox cart (right):

Pig penn FiadananaOx cart in Fiadanana

Thatching the roof of a new house with grass:

thatching the roof in Fiadananaroofing material (grass)

A fenced in area for the zebu inside the village (local cattle with a hump)

Zebu pennHouses of Fiadanana 9

Houses of Fiadanana 10