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Building a water storage tank high up in the mountains

For the first time ever water is flowing in a permanent water system in the village of Fiadanana in 2006! In the eighty years since the village was founded clean water had never been available in the village! (and it is still flowing in 2019!)

Mount Bevato


To build a permanent water system a source of fresh water, flowing all year round, was identified on Bavato Mountain next to the village. A step hike up for almost three hours, all materials that could not be made on site, like cement, tools, iron bars and wooden boards for the concrete foundation needed to be carried up the mountain on foot. All labor involved in building the entire water system was contributed by the villagers without any pay as their contribution to their community development.

Starting to hike up the mountain to the water source

carrying up the cementbags of cementcement bags











Sacks of cement and all other good are carried up the mountian

building materialsgravel and sand pileslandscape viewlandscape viewlandscape view













the clean water sourceCutting stone blocks

Cutting stone blocks

The water, close to it spring at the mountain. This water is collected in a stone reservoir. A pipesystem brings thewater for the reservoir to the village in a gravity fed water system.

The stone blocks needed for the construction of thetank are made by hand on site. The materials are readily available with plenty of granite rocks around.


Cutting stone blocksCutting stone blocks

Cutting stone blocksCutting stone blocks

Gravel is made by taking bigger stones, smashing them on others, to break smaller ones.(below)

Making gravelMaking gravel

Sand to mix the concrete

With the help of the water engenders the water storage tank on the mountain is built to last with concrete and granite blocks. This will serve as the main holding tank for the village’s permanent water supply.

building the stone reservoirbuilding the stone reservoir

building the stone reservoirbuilding the stone reservoir

building the stone reservoirbuilding the stone reservoir

To see pictures of the water arriving in the village (please click here)


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