fresh water in buckets

For the first time ever water is flowing in a permanent water system in the village of Fiadanana! In the eighty years since the village was founded water had never been available in the village! These photos are witnessing this historic event in 2006!

old water holenew fresh water tank

This was then - one of the communal water holes                              This is now in November 2006

Water tank in Fiadanana

The new water tank, centrally located in the village.

water flowing in Madagscar

My God so clear is this water (comment form the villagers)

children touching the fresh water

Children seeing and touching running water for the first time        

children touching the fresh water 2

children touching the fresh water 3

The water is stored in the village in a big storage tank that gets refilled form the clear water from the mountain top, some 2.5km or over a mile and a half away.

the new  water tank

the new  water tank2

the new  water tank3

To see where our water comes from in the mountains please click here