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Madagascar is the worlds fourth largest island. It is located off the east coast of Africa (pink in this map). and home to 25% of the worlds endemic species, many of them unique to the islands ecosystem. In a population of almost 18 million, 45% are under the age of 14. Rich in natural resources the yearly GNP per capita is only US$260-325. With more than 12 cultural groups, everybody in the country speaks Malagasy, the native language. French, the second official language, is spoken by less then 10% of the population. The Republic of Madagascar has been independent from France since 1960. There are many other web sites that provide information about Madagascars cultural, political, historical and social aspects.

Zahana is working with the village of Fiadanana on the high plateau, some 4-6 hours by car from the capital Antananarivo as a first pilot site. It is envisioned to expand this program to the entire country in the years to come. More information about our work in and with Fiadanana can be found on this web site.