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Evaluating the effectiveness of reforestation

Getting seedlings from zahana for reforestation

Evaluating the effectiveness of your programs’ impact is a challenge for everybody. Either as an external demand (often from funders) but also by the people implementing the programs themselves on the ground.

Our Zahana reforestation efforts have been ongoing for over a decade. With the launch of our improved cookstove workshops, we actually integrated reforestation as a core activity/condition. Communities commit to reforestation to qualify for an improved cookstove and bio-charcoal workshop in their village. (See our latest video How to build your own improved cookstove in rural Madagascar).

When we asked our local coordinator how the reforestation is working out - in real-world circumstances - he sent us back the photos included with this report. Basically: the proof is in the pictures.

In the photos you see a large amount of people surrounding our gardener Bary in his tree nursery next to the school. They came to get their seedlings to make good on their reforestation commitment. At the same time, you see bicycles doubling up as work horses to transport baby trees back to the village. It sure beats carrying trees on your head for miles.

Implementing one of the lessons learned from last year, our team will accompany the villagers back to their village and actively participate in their reforestation hands-on to make it as successful as possible.

Getting tree seedlings with bicyles

Getting seedlings from Zahana