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Solar water pasteurization and cooking


Solar water pasteurizers provide children safe drinking water

Our students in Fiarenana use the solar water pasteurizer, donated by Developing World Solar in Hawaii, to make their drinking water safe to drink. All they need to do is to put the water bottles in the sun and wait (technical details.) Once the solar pasteurized water has cooled down enough, the students can quench their thirst safely. 

Solar water pasteurization is at the moment the only reliable way to get safe drinking water in the school. The village’s only a ground well, that has water all year round is in the schoolyard in Fiarenana. Most other wells run dry in the rainless months. As with many ground wells in developing countries, water safety for drinking water is an issue and we are very happy to see that the students have adopted this innovative, novel idea, making good use of the solar water pasteurizers.

Once a project becomes sustainable, it is ‘just’ working and therefore less glamorous or photogenic than initiating something new, but the best uneventful result for Zahana is: if no child get sick anymore from contaminated water it works.

solar water pasturizer makes drinking water safe in Madagascar

solar water pasteurizer in madagascar solar water pasteurizer

waer bottle with solar pasteurized water in Madagascar solar water pasteurizer in Fiarenana, Madagacar

Ground well in Madagascar