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Fiarenana Progress Report July 2009

Our last site visit to village of Fiarenana, in Madagascar in the first week of July 2009.

Bean seeds

Since out last update bean seeds were delivered to the village. With s short growing cycle the villagers wanted to plant beans as an in-between crop in rice paddies right after the rice harvest. As great nitrogen fixers beans could prove very beneficial for the rice paddies, besides providing another great protein source to eat.


As intended the once functioning nursery has been revitalized and the former gardener, has been hired by Zahana to tend to the seedlings until they are big enough for transplanting. The goal is that every family starts growing more coffee, so the have some for sale. To date, while they already are growing coffee successfully, all of it is consumed in the village.

Coffee seedlings in the village of Fiarenana in Madagascar

Coffee seedlings watered in the village of Fiarenana, Madagascar

Malaria prevention

Zahana was able to get a hold of mosquito nets for every household in the village of Fiarenana. These nets have been distributed and as you can see in the photos have been received and put to good use.

Disrtibuting mosquito nets in the village of Fiarenana i Madagascar

Distributing mosquito nets in the village of Fiarenana in Madagascar

Mosquite nets being used in the houses in Fairenana, madagascar

Grain storage building

The building has been finished and officially inaugurated (See photo). The village community wanted to wait until the arrival of Zahana to have this formal dedication.  The building is now housing Zahanas seed bank rice, some of this years rice crop that the community is currently still storing.

The communal rice storage building in Fiareanana, Madagascar

The communal rice storage building in Fiarenena, Madagascar


100 kg of potatoes as seed stock was delivered and distributes in the village as requested by the community. As with beans, potatoes can be planted in the fallow rice paddies because they mature before the next rice planting season starts. This is the first time that this variety of potatoes has been introduced to Fiarenana.

The next steps for Fiarenana:

The microcredit project with poultry and may be other life stock, will be launched in Fiarenana in the spring (starting around September in the southern hemisphere).

Please check out website for more detailed updates as we get more photos.

Ihanta, Jeannette and Markus

Thank you for your support!