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Zahana is eligible for a $10,000 grant from Ford

January 23, 2011: Zahana did not get chosen for the $10,000 grant from Ford. You may still watch the video as long as it is up on the Ford website, but you can not vote for it anymore.

Ford Focus Global test drive video for zahanaDec 21, 2010: We just submitted our video to attempt to get Zahana the 10K prize money from Ford test driving the new Ford Focus.

Thanks to GlobalGiving’s endorsement Zahana is entitled to compete for the $10,000 prize money in the Ford Focus Global Test Drive on Facebook.

Anybody can watch our video, you do NOT need to be on Facebook to view it.

Watch the video "Changing lives in Madagascar"

Please, if are on Facebook and feel so inclined:

1) click on "love it" blow the video (you need to be on FB to do so)

2) Please encourage everybody in your network to do the same.

The more "love it" we get, the better. Let's see if this works via email as well and thank you for your support.

Zahana is one of 200 GlobalGiving organizations selected by Ford Motor Company to be eligible for a $10,000 grant as part of the launch of their Ford Focus!

What is the Focus Global Test Drive?

GlobalGiving is partnering with Ford Motor Company to roll out their launch of the 2012 Ford Focus. As part of this campaign, Ford will select 50 individuals to test drive the car and to raise money for their favorite charities. Each individual will get to pick an organization to receive a $10,000 grant (50 grants total). We sure hope you participate, pick Zahana, and win a free trip to Europe!

Individuals from any of Fords market countries are invited to submit an application through the Ford Focus Facebook page. Applicants will be asked to submit a video clip to Fords Facebook page explaining why they should be selected to participate in the event and how they might Start Something More with a charitable cause through a donation from Ford.

Each driver will be awarded $10,000 for a charitable cause, for a total of $500,000 given to non-profit organizations worldwide. The Focus Global Test Drive Launch Event will be held in February 2011 in Southern Europe, and all participants will also win an all-expenses paid trip to the final test drive location.

So: if you want to earn $10K for Zahana and as a reward travel for free to Europe and test drive the Ford Focus here is what you do (check out the Ford FB page):

1) Make a video under two minutes and upload it on the Ford Focus Facebook page.

2) Nominate Zahana as your organization that should get the 10K

3) explain in your video why Zahana would make a difference (with the 10K we get if you get chosen), so others "love it" too.

3) Promote your video like crazy and get chosen. You travel to Europe and drive around in Ford Focus and we get the prize money. All are happy.