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Zahana Effective non-profit by GlobalGiving

Zahana Vetted non-profit by GlobalGiving

Zahana Top Ranked non-profit by GlobalGiving

GlobalGiving matched contributions* incrementally depending on how successful we were.

If we raise $10 - $2,500, donations will be matched at 30%.
If we raise $2,501 - $7,500, donations be matched at 40%.
If we raise more than $7,501, donations will be matched at 50%

The three projects that raise the most money will receive additional bonuses of $5,000, $3,000, and $1,000.

The projects are currently still active with GlobalGiving until they are funded

"A community school for all (children) in Fiarenana",

and "Solar cookers for the school in Fiadanana" qualify for this challenge.

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* Donations up to $500 per individual will be matched by GlobalGiving, so the matching funds dont get depleted too fast. If you are able to give more, please contact us or donate via the Tides Foundation by check, which is still a very good option.

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Give More Get More Challange from GlobalGiving ended Dec 1.