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Thank you for visiting our 'Donate' page. we know that during the pandemic of 2020 you get many requests for for support and we are grateful you are considering Zahana.

GlobalGiving is a great way for Zahana to raise US-tax deductible donations on-line, sinc Nov. 2008.

Donate with a few clicks with your credit card to any of our four projects with GlobalGiving:




And once again we are pround to announce:

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We have currently 4 active programs with GlobalGiving

Improved cookstoves prevent deforestation

Planting 15,000 trees in Madagascar

A community school for all (children) in Fiarenana

A dedicated micro credit fund for rural Madagascar

Solar cookers for the school in Fiadanana - Thank you! This project is funded!


Thank you for your support!

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Background about GlobalGiving and Zahana:

We have been part of GlobalGiving since 2008.

Global Giving is an innovative website where, after a rigorous due diligence process, small international non-profits can raise tax-deductible donations in the USA.

Not everybody is able to partner with the Tides Foundation as a fiscal sponsor, which has made Zahana’s work possible in the first place since 2005.

GlobalGiving holds an annual competition, calledback then the “GlobalGiving Open”. To increase exposure for Zahana we applied for the Open in November 2007, after our last visit to Madagascar.

In August 2008 we were invited to participate in the GlobalGiving’s “Project Challenge 2008”, suggesting one project, trying to earn a permanent presence in the GlobalGiving database. We had to try, or forever regret it for not daring.

We filled out the necessary paperwork (quite a bit) and created our GlobalGiving website contribution right before the world’s financial markets stated to crumble. With your help we met $3,000/75 donors challenge threshold and Zahana earnedever since a permanent presence on the GlobalGiving website.

Thank you for making us a superstar since 2011! With your donations and support as well as great work by Zahana, we were awarded “Superstar” status, the highest level that an organization can reach on GlobalGiving in February 2011! We are very proud Zahana is ever since among the 2.5% of the best!

On the Global Giving website donors select projects they want to support, can make a tax-deductible contribution, and get regular progress updates - so they can see their impact.

All donations and tax-deductible receipts are handled by Global Giving and the money gets transferred directly to the Zahana account in Madagascar.

New at GlobalGiving: Zahana's Microprojects

GlobalGiving a partner for Zahana?


• Read about the village of Fiarenana, the (now funded) original Zahana Project for the GlobalGiving Challenge.

Thank you for visiting our GlobalGiving page.

More about GlobalGiving - Activities we did over the years

We are very happy, proud and thankful to announce that Zahana has been selected to feature in the GlobalGiving April Newsletter! This Earth Day issue presents our reforestation project: Planting 15,000 trees around our villages in Madagascar. This is wonderful for us, because not only does it give a major boost through this recognition that planting trees in our villages is a good idea, but it also makes out project reach and audience we never could on our own. Thank you GlobalGiving and thank you to all of our donors, new and old out there!

March 16, 2011 Bonus Day at GlobalGiving

On March 16, 2011 GlobalGiving is matching at 30% all online donations (up to US$1,000 per donor per project) with $75,000 available in matching funds. The last time matching funds were depleted half way into the Bonus Day, so be ready midnight EST on March 16 if you would like to top off your generous donation to Zahana.

The last bonus day challenge was held on June 16, 2010. For the first time in GlobalGivings history matching funds were depleted before the end of one of their challenges. Check out the GlobalGiving ledger board for details.

What is Bonus Day at GlobalGiving?

GlobalGiving is matched donations 30% on October 17th 2012! Last time the funds ran out a few hours into the drive, so if you are interested in a 30% match, please donate early!

October 17th is the LAST Bonus Day of the year. GlobalGiving will be matching donations 30% up to $1,000 per donor, per project. GlobalGiving has $50,000 available in matching funds. Matching will begin at 12:01 am EDT and last until funds run out or until 11:59 pm EDT.

• Another Bonus Day was in June 2012. Donations were matched by 50% (as long as Zahana is a 'superstar' with GG) until all the matching funds are depleted.

•June 20th 2011 was a "Bonus Day" 

October 2010 was the GlobalGiving "Give More, Get More" Matching Campai

Thank you for visiting our GlobalGiving page.