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A Healthcare Center in our village of Fiadanana

See: officially inaugurated at the end of May 2014!

June 2013: We have great news! Through the tireless efforts of our Malagasy team, we were able to partner with another organization to build a Healthcare Center in our village of Fiadanana.

We are very excited that our Zahana was able to build such a partnership that will benefit many thousands of people in the region. Zahana has been working in the village of Fiadanana since 2005. Since 2006, due to our participatory development efforts, the village has a clean water supply bringing clean water flowing right into the village.

This will be the only Healthcare Center in the area that can pride itself to have a clean safe water supply. Since Zahana sees access to clean safe water as public health priority number one, this is a crucial element in providing healthcare services.

Health Center in Fiadanana madagascar -zahana.orgA team of our partner organization (with the long name “Association Pour que vive Maroala” or Maroala for short) visited our village in May 2013 to discuss the plans of the Healthcare Center with the community and choose a location.

Groundbreaking was envisioned to take place by the end of June or in July, when our schools are on summer break. The pictures are from this community meeting. In the formal picture with the four people you see (from the right) the president of `Pour que vive Maroala association` Abel Legendre, Raleva our traditional healer and community elder, Mprany our head teacher and the representative from Maroala.

The visit of the honorable Madame Minister of Health Dr. Johanita Ndahimananjara to inaugurate the Helathcare Center was the biggest event in the history of the village of Faidanana.

Madame Minister of Health of Madagascar is laying the foundation for the new Health Center in the village of Faidanana.
In this photo Madame Minister of Health of Madagascar is laying the foundation for the new Health Center in the village of Faidanana.

She will be in the area for the official inauguration of the first maternity ward ever in the district center of Bevato. From there she will take the hour-long journey over dirt roads to our project sites. That an official of such a caliber can witness firsthand the activities of rural transformation taking place by working collaboratively with our villagers is just simply amazing. We are honored by this recognition, but also see this is an incredible opportunity to show participatory development in action, because we believe our results tell more than pictures or words.