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Metal Fences for the communal water faucets in Fiadanana

Communal water well protected by metal fence in Madagascar.  zahana.orgSometimes the success of our participatory approach is best illustrated with a project we don’t do ourselves. Metal fences now surround all seven of Fiadanana’s communal water faucets for over 2 years. Built with a solid concrete foundation, the fences are holding up well.

All metal fences were built and paid for by the community of Fiadanana, because they saw a need for it, without asking Zahana for a financial contribution. This is a prime example of a community taking ownership of and responsibility for their own resources.

Some history: In 2006, the community built their communal water system with seven communal water faucets with support from Zahana. We thought communal water faucets could become a green oasis in the village, beautifying everything through colorful flowers and greenery, easily watered by the runoff.

Little did we know that the cows had no appreciation for esthetics, but a great hunger for juicy fresh green ‘stuff’. To keep the cattle out, the community decided to use concrete and metal, keeping their seven communal water sources safe for years to come.

School water faucetmetal fence around communal wll in Madagascar.  zahana.org

Metal fence around the water faucet at our school

Inviting greens for cattle in Madgascar

Inviting greens from the former communal faucets...