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Building the first school (2006)



Getting ready for secondary school in rural Madagascar

checking out the stuff fo secondaty school in Madagascar zahana.orgWe would like to share more photos with you. In a previous report we told you that seven students had successfully obtained the much desired CEPE, the primary school certificate (see our website).

With the help of Zahana, three of the boys from one family are able to attend the secondary school in Bevato, a small town about a 2 hours walk from their village. To be ready for secondary school requires school uniforms, equipment (pencils, paper, etc) and bags, which Zahana bought for the students. Filled with pride and wonder about these amazing goodies you can see it being diligently inspected by the future students and their mother in the pictures.

Since these pictures were taken, school has started. The students now live far from home with a host family, but they are doing very well in their new secondary school, making everybody in their community proud by being the first ones to ever attend a secondary school


trying on the school uniforms in Madagascar - zahana.orggoodies for swecondary school in Madagascar -

All they need to get ready for secondary school –  All they need to get ready for secondary school –