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Solar water pasteurization and cooking





Solar Cookers cooking in the Schools

The solar cookers have been very well accepted in the schools. The students like it a lot and have been experimenting, and cooking is many things as possible. In the latest text message from the village, we received a little synopsis of the cooking efforts by the students. The students have been encouraged to keep notes:

Solar cooker in MadagascarSolar cooker: time to cook for
Rice: 2h30
Zebu: 2h30 (zebu is beef eaten in Madagascar)
Fish: 2h
Cassava: 2h30
Dried bean: 3h
Boiling water for coffee: 1h
Madeleine (small cake): 1h
Cassava cake: 2h

Note: they let the internal temperature go up to 100 degree C (216 degree F) before the pot gets put in the solar cooker.

Introducing solar cookers in the schools was a long-term project. The solar cookers have generated a lot of interest, because a solar cooker does not require firewood to make food for the children and, which seems to be even more important, there is no smoke in the cooking process, as with traditional firewood stoves.

Zahana will tie together the solar cooker project and the tree-planting project intertwined in a tangible way. In December 2012, it will be a year we launched the official tree-planting project. Working with the community leaders, we will identify the person, who has planted the most trees that took root successfully.

Planting trees alone, is no guarantee that they will grow, if it is not tended to and watered by the person planting it. We had told from the community from the beginning, that we will give awards in the first, second and third year, to the person who has planted the most trees that are still growing. This year the price will be a solar cooker. (see Microprojects)