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Solar water pasteurization and cooking



What is solar water pasteurization?

solar water pastuerizersolsaverThe solar water pasteurizers are a huge success in our schools. They are met with great interest, and are so efficient that even with limited sunshine water can be made safe to drink within a few hours.

The solar water pasteurizers have proven to be an invaluable educational tool to demonstrate the sun’s energy can be used in many ways. The metal bottles need to reach just 150 degrees Fahrenheit (66 degrees C) to effectively pasteurize and therefore make water safe to drink. The effect of the sun’s energy can be experienced “hands on”, touching the bottles quickly. The public health benefits in Madagascar for such a low-tech devices will be huge.

The basics:

Microbiological research has proven that solar heat can be employed to thermally disinfect drinking water.

Bacteria and viruses can be destroyed simply by heating drinking water up to 150 degrees F (or 66 degrees C), the point at which pasteurization occurs, making the water safe to drink.

The model ( Sol*Saver) in the foto has eight stainless steel 23 oz / 680 ml water bottles. Each bottle is equipped with a push-pull cap. Eight thermal indicators positioned within eight rubber holders inside of the Sol*Saver. These thermal indicators (similar to a thermometer) made out of glass are the most important components to make sure that the water has been pasteurized and is safe to drink. Do NOT drink the water if the thermal indicator under the bottle has not changed by reaching 150 degrees F / 66 degrees C and achieve pasteurization

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