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A little money goes a long way in Madagascar

water system in Madagascar

Several people have asked how their donation to Zahana makes a difference in Madagascar. Based on our experience in Fiadanana, we created a short list with some examples. We hope this list (in US$), will give you an idea what your donation can buy:

Please note: that these numbers are approximations in US dollars.  With the exchange rate of the dollar to the Malagasy Ariary fluctuating sometimes by 20% it is difficult to predict what things will cost until each project is actually realized.  As one example: the price for cement doubled from 2005 to 2009 and increased another 50% in 2010.



Buys a school for a village (roofing, beams, door frames, nails, etc.). Click here: the NEW school for the second village Fiadanana.
Pays a teacher’s salary for one year (US$120 x 12 months.) Note: Zahana has committed to support the teachers for the first two years. Click here for details.
Pays for a gardener for a village for one year
Buys 5 solar cookers for a village
Buys school supplies, a school uniform and bag for one hundred children
Buys mosquito nets for 100 beds. Click here for details.
Buys school supplies for Fiadanana for one year ($3 per child x 150 children)
pays for transportation of supplies (and people) to Fiadanana. (Gasoline is more than double than in the US.)
Buys enough medicine to cure all 700 children in the village of dangerous diarrhea
buys ten benches and tables for a school – hand made outside and assembled in the village.
Buys 200 fruit tree seedlings from the nursery in town more
Buys multi vitamins for 500 children for seven days (one pill a day each)
Pays a one month salary for a gardener in the village
Buys school supplies, a school uniform and bag for one child
Buys a little plastic chair for a child to sit on while in school
Buys enough medicine to cure one child of dangerous diarrhea

All donations in the USA are tax-deductible in 3 easy steps:

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Zahana depends on the generosity of people like you willing to help. Your donation is tax-deductible thanks to the Tides Foundation in San Francisco (www.tides.org). Zahana is included in Tides’ Global Support Fund Program. Global Support Fund recipients are not listed on the Tides Foundation web site, so if you need more details please email us.