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Reforestation in Action

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Building our schools:

Building the first school (2006)


Planting Trees in the schoolyards of boths school in our villages

The two gardeners (Bary and Jean), emplyed by Zahana, are worth their weight in gold. As part of our development efforts Zahana has bought a variety of tree seeds recommended by the Ministry of Forestry. Our two gardeners now successfully tend for our newest tree saplings.

Planting treessOne of the new introductions by Zahana is Moringa Oleifera. Moringa Oleifera is a very fast growing tree with edible leaves and seedpods that are exceptionally high in protein. Once established, the fast growing trees need to be cut constantly so the leaves and seeds can still be reached easily. Moringa wood has not much use besides firewood; an added benefit in our very deforested area.

Zahana was only able to buy a small amount of Moringa seeds so far that have been grown as an experiment. Since there is currently still a limited amount of Morninga trees, the gardeners decided to plant them with the school children around the schools. Both schools have access to water all year round on the premises. The gardeners little helpers make sure that each tree gets watered diligently with great care daily. Based on the available literature, Moringa tress should provide protein rich leaves for the school children with a few months and then for years, or decades to come.

Planting a Moringa tree with the students

Protecting the little tree from the elements(and cattle) in the schoolyard