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Mango harvest in the school yard

Mangos in Zahana's school yard in Madagascar

Back in 2006 fruit trees, especially mangos, were planted in the very first community-wide tree panting event. The first big community-building event of Zahana was our attempt to introduce the idea of planting trees to rice farmers. Fruit trees, with their dual use of being more than ‘just’ firewood, was an integral strategy for our long-term reforestation efforts.

Our teacher Mprany has adopted this idea full steam and planted (as we reported earlier) quite a few mango trees around ‘his’ schoolyard. This year the mango harvest coincided with the Xmas celebrations in the school. So in conjunction with Santa’s annual visits, our students harvested mangos to share the bounty with the community.

We think that these amazing pictures do indeed speak for themselves.

Magos in Zahana's school yard in Madagascar

Mango tree is the schoolyard - zahaha- madagascar

Mago and Santa celeration in Zahana's school in Madagascar

Soccer uniforms from Santa for the school soccer team

Gifts from Santa and mangos in Zahana's school in Madagascar