Zahana - Rural Participatory Development in Madagascar


Materials to built the first school in the village if Fiadanana:

The villagers provide their labor and the bricks to their community development project. But they are in no position to pay by their own means for the other needed materials, so Zahana provides these as their contribution. These are doors and window frames, the hinges, locks, nails, beams and roofing material (corrugated iron). But it also includes cement, paint, hammers and later the furniture like chairs and benches for the school.

All the additional materials that needed to be purchased for cash came from the capital of Antananarivo and were delivered with the same truck used by the team to install the water hand pump. To save costs the materials for the rice storage building were bought at the same time.

Beams and poles for the roof of the school and rice storage building. (All Fotos: Ramihantaniarivo 2006)

Window frames

Door Frames

Lock for the doors