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Growing vegetables next to their houses

The pictures are from the gardens that are currently planted and growing around the houses in Fiadanana. These pictures are from Dec 17, 2013 and as up-to-date as possible. 

vegetable seed packages ZahanaThe seeds, proudly displayed by our master gardener Bary are part of Zahana’s “seed fund”, where new crops are introduced by giving the seeds to the community.

Although it is hard sometimes hard to imagine, it is important to keep in mind, that culturally growing vegetables is not the norm for farmers Madagascar.

Most of these farmers are proud rice farmers, and growing every anything else but rice and corn, is not looked upon favorably.

The fact, that people are growing vegetables in Fiadanana at all is another indication, that our activities has been successful. You can learn about more about these challenges on our website, e.g. school gardens or seed fund.

digging the new veggy garden in Madagascar

vegetable garden Zahana

vergetable garden Zahana

vegetable garden Zahana